A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem: Preventing Suicide

It’s a sadly well known fact that people who suffer from issues related to severe depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions may deal with suicidal thoughts or even actions from time to time. If you are someone who deals with this, then you need to know that you are wanted in the world and that there are other ways you can address your problems than with a permanent solution.

It’s an old saying: “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” This saying is older, but it is worth remembering, as this old saying has helped people contemplating suicide realize that their problems may not be worth such a huge decision, a decision that not only affects you, but everyone that loves and cares about you.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, think about some of the following solutions to help you out. If none of these work, then you might want to consider checking yourself in suicide prevention petersburg facilities to get you the help you need.

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Keep on Living: Consider These Solutions

When you are feeling suicidal thoughts or urges coming on, think about some of these solutions instead of entertaining those dark thoughts.

·    Call someone close to you. If you feel suicidal, call someone close to you who you love and care about. Hearing their voice could be the key to make you want to continue sticking around in this life.

·    Take a walk in nature. Sometimes, all we need to do to be reminded of the true beauty of the world is to step outside and take a good look around in nature. A walk in the woods can really help you find some perspective in life.

·    Think about your favorite things. This may seem cliché, but it works. Think of one of your favorite things, whether it’s a song, a book, a movie, or something else. Sometimes, just thinking of something that makes you happy can be enough to help drive off those dark thoughts.

If none of these things help rid you of suicidal thoughts, then you should be considering seeking help from a professional as soon as possible. No one wants anything to happen to you, and finding help before you make a decision you can’t undo later is a great way to make sure you stick around in the world for a long time to come.